About Ireland

Ireland offers an enriching learning experience without parallels. Highly rated for its first rate education and rigorous evaluation process, Irish education lay stress on skill development and flexibility. Though a modernized country, Ireland retains its old charm, tradition and hospitality. As a student you are sure to be mesmerized by this land of ‘’saints and scholars’’.

Why Study in Ireland

A small, safe and friendly country

Education system is globally respected

Home to 1000 multinational companies

Ireland is recognised as the hub for quality scientific research

Ireland is one of the most exciting places in the world to be a student

Highly developed democracy with a modern economy

Forefront in innovation, creativity and collaboration

An English-speaking country with a unique cultural heritage

Eligible to apply for Green Card/Work Permit on getting job

Education Systerm in Ireland

Nine universities - Offering degrees at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate level programmes

Institutes Technology

14 Institutes of Technology offering programs at degree, national diploma and national certificate levels in a wide variety of subjects.

Colleges of Education

Five Colleges of Education for primary school teachers. They offer three year full time courses leading to a B.Ed. degree which is the recognized qualification for primary school teaching.

Independent Third Level Colleges

Colleges offering programmes leading to certificates, diplomas and degrees, recognised by Irelands national certification authority or an accrediting university.


10 and 12 th Mark sheet

Bachelors Marks sheets + Provisional Degree certificate

Master's Mark sheet + Degree certificate / provisional Certificate

Work Experience letters - (if applicable)

Statement of Purpose

Letter of recommendations





Bank statement

Other Certificates (if any)

Cost Calculator

Undergraduate Course

Engineering €9,100 - €20,300

Science & Technology €9,100 - €16,500

Arts & Humanities €9,100 - €15,500

Business €9,000 - €15,500

Master’s Course

Engineering €9,150 - €18,000

Science & Technology €9,150 - €18,000

Arts & Humanities €8,900 - €20,000

Business €9,150 - €18,800